We understand that in today's day and age, with such a broad selection , and with so many choices out there, it is hard commit yourself in terms of a reliable long term client relationship services. The reality of it is, when utilising the professional services of a law firm, undoubtedly, this should be more than just a service - this should be a long term relationship between client and firm. With a high probability of frequent contact, whether it be phone calls, emails, and possibly a number of meetings that will take place in order to get the results that we wish to provide you with, TYen Attorneys strive to offer long term trust service as part of our offerings. For this specific reason, we have further to branch out and offer diverse legal consulting in various fields of law, in order to provide our clients with a fully comprehensive, all inclusive package under one umbrella. This is TYen Attorneys.


Labour law mediates the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions and the government.


Conveyancing, the branch of law concerned with the preparation of documents for the conveyance of property.


Family law (also called matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations) deals with family matters and domestic relations.


Criminal Law relates to the laws of a state or country dealing with criminal offenses and their punishments.

"Laws are generally found to be nets of such a texture as the little creep through, the great break through, and the middle size are alone entangled in..."